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Monday, April 21, 2008


Poem thought of while going to office in the morning bus:

Standing in the middle of the road in the scalding heat,
I have lost track of time and the changes around me,
Watching the world moving to a wild beat,
I marvel at the different shades of man I get to see.

Take this young man walking by the road,
With his wife silently tagging along,
Carrying two bags, too much of a load,
While the man looking at a pretty broad,
Nods, winks and bursts into a lewd song!
The wife watching this hangs her head in shame,
Maybe thinking that she has only herself to blame.

Suddenly, a whistle disrupts my reverie,
Followed by a screech of wheels and a hail,
Turning around I am not surprised to see,
The traffic constable making his first sale;
Sale of his honor for not stopping an offender,
Calmly pocketing the money, he waves him along.
How does he live with himself? I wonder,
As this is what I have seen him do, all day long!

Jus then, something divine reaches my ear,
Oh it’s a bird singing a beautiful song,
She lands on me, without a fear,
Noting my appreciation, decides to go on!
"Oh what a pretty bird!" Cries a young girl looking,
Her beau, looking dreamily at her, nods,
She moves closer to him, still smiling,
And his hand creeps around her waist, after a pause.
Oh ignore me, for god's sakes,
I am only a man, about twice your age!

Lost in my observations, i just see,
That the sun has set, giving me a golden glow,
The bikers slow down looking up at me,
Magnificent in bronze, with feelings I can't show.