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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spray Painting!

Man 2: Eww! Don't spit on the road!
Man 2: Spitting turns women off by the way.
Sluurrpp - Phat!
Man 2: It grosses them out! Look at her. She has actually turned away in disgust!
Man 1: What should I do then?
Man 2: Follow my lead now.
Man 1: You are eyeing the same girl?
(Chew chew)
Man 1: Careful, its leaking!
(Tip Tip Splash)
Man 1: Trying to keep it in is even worse man! The DAMe is just Not interestED (DAMNED!!

(wiping off)
Man 2: Well, not our fault is it? DAMNED if you do it, DAMNED if you don't.

Of all the habits Indians have, spitting on the road is, by far, the most disgusting and revolting one! While the majority of south Indians prefer decorating the road with flesh colored spit, the North Indians, believe in painting the town red, literally.

This post is inspired by a certain gentleman in bus today, who standing near the bus door, was releasing one rocket after another!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Color me Brown!

A new poem after long - feels liberating!

After 9 months, Vishnu heaved a contented sigh,
and finally opened Laxmi's eyes,
"Behold my dear, my latest model in line,
to be released into this world on may 29".

Laxmi took a long look at me and frowned,
"her color is not right my lord.
can you create a skin anew,
with perhaps, basic colors few?"

Vishnu then huffed and began to sulk,
for it seemed, Laxmi didnt like his work.
he immediately called his resources,
and started adding colors in ample doses.

"There you see Laxmi, 5 cups of fire,
is it red enough for your heart's desire?"

"I am happy my Lord but I do wonder,
wont that make her nasty and quick to anger?"

"Rest your mind dear, and help me think,
will 3 cups of air be enough to make this pink?"

"She is pretty indeed my lord, but surely,
air will make her absent-minded and more girly?"

"true honey but now she needs more blue,
2 cups of water ought to give the right hue."

"would you never listen to what you are told?,
this will make her sweat in hot and freeze in cold"

"Alas I can't undo since the skin is already sown,
but will 5 cups of earth give it enough of a brown?"

"finally love, you think right,
for against all the elements this will fight,
for all her weaknesses, she has one true boon,
one single smile to lift her out of her gloom.

So,thats how I was made,
absent-minded and walking in a daze,
quick to anger, despite a cool skin,
and the ability to hide it all behind a grin.

So, in the attempts of Vishnu to please his well-meaning wife, I was made the way I was. But of course, the obvious advantage in this chaotic skin creation was just that - My chaos is only skin-deep.

Note: As Anupama rightly points out, Brahma is our creator and Vishnnu the preserver. So I stand corrected. I was not created by Vishnu, I was sent to him for system upgradation.