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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Dining Table Experiment

Godrej Interio has come up with an interesting furniture called Sizzle Dining Table.

The description reads:
Presenting Godrej Interio's thoughtfully designed Sizzle DIning Table with an inbuilt hot plate. Shuttling between the kitchen and the dining table is now unnecessary as the food stays hot throughout the meal. Go ahead, make every meal a memory.

I like the idea here - very innovative isn't it? The whole boring process of reheating is minimised, especially when all the family members don't eat together.
Of course it raises an important question - Who really shuttles between the kitchen and the dining table "during" a meal?

Anyway, that aside, the tag line for this product ad reads:
This is the only time she'll have to leave the table.
This is followed by a man gently holding the lady, and while the guy looks on lovingly, the lady blushes prettily. 

Aside from the fact that the daintily dressed woman doesn't seem to have just cooked a meal or laid a table, I don't think she will like being told when she'll "have" to leave the table. If the guys don't believe me, kindly try it out at home. I dare you. 


Anonymous said...

ROTFL ! i ll pass this on to the interio team, i know it is outrightly sexist ! Very nicely written arch, and why would i be mad for this ???

Archana said...

I couldn't stop laughing looking at the ad!! Do let me know what they were thinking when they formulated this ad!!