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Monday, October 20, 2008

An Ode .. to Ash

The irritation of being unable to sleep at 3:00 AM in the morning, knowing you have to get up in another 4-5 hours is nullified by only one thing - when you have company in this predicament.

Why is sleeplessness now a bliss?
Is it because it is as much mine as it is his?

Why do my eyes lose their hazy look at three?
Is it the knowledge that I have company?

Why I do I feel so lucky Suddenly?
Is it the fact that with you I never feel lonely?

Why do I smile while I type this prose?
Is it the certaintly that my life now is blissfully yours?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

An answering rant!

I recently read this blog (The girl mentioned in this blog is not me!) about the controversial topic of the patriotism of Indian people settling in U.S.

I dont know if i speak for the rest of the Indians settled ( and planning to settle) in India. But I want to add my piece on a topic which gets me totally riled up.

We don't mind Indians settled in U.S, studying there, working there, marrying there, starting their Gujarati/Andhra/Tamil commity, or even building their own version of a desi temple. No we don't mind that. In fact, by popular opinion, Videshi-Deshi junta are more outspoken about their patriotism than us.

But I do mind few things:
1. The comments about the Indian traffic, Indian taxi, Indian Auto (god forbid , the favorite topic for all videshi deshis), the level of Indian Noise - I don't mind the rants, I do mind the Indian sub attached to all topics, as if the speaker himself/herself was not an Indian (or once was).

2. Mails from just-going-to-study-MS-will-miss-you-all friends after landing: 'It feels as if I have come home de. This is where I belong.'

3. A recent comment by one of my relatives - ' Bed-Bugs? There are none in U.S! It is people from developing nations who bring it here. Must be the Indian students!'

4. Another gem of a comment from my recently returned-from-Pittsburgh neighbor thatha - 'ange perummal alangaram evalo pramadama nadakkum teriyuma?! Inge irrukkura koil llam unnum ille... evalo dirty!' and the add-on of course ' You should go there definitely for a darshan!'

I mean really, what does Vilayat do to some people anyway?! Note that I am not condemning everyone. My sister and jiju are in U.S hoping desperately that their daughter does not have much of an American accent. My Mama and Mami and Sai, though settled in U.S for more than ten years, are still very much rooted to India. My close friend Dasa has still stayed grounded.It is the smaller percentage of people that we despise.
Frankly, patriotic or un-, loving U.S or not, unless you are in India and get to listen to these nuggets of wisdom about our country from wanting-to-be-Non-Indian Indian, you won't get it.

You just won't get it!

PS: None of the above four points have been made up.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The moment I step up on the podium,
the world starts swimming before me,
I stop, trembling, straining to hear,
the sound of Taala-Kattai that could save me.

Thath Thai Tham
Dith Thai Tham
Thath Thai Tham
Dhith Dhith Thai

Learning these steps a year back,
right-cross-jump! - I would tell myself slowly.
As I became the sound and the sound me,
I prepared for my first performance on Vijayadashmi.

Thath Thai Tham
Suddenly I hear what I was waiting for!
Dhith Thai Tham
and my feet move with steps forgotten;
Thath Thai Tham
fingers changing swiftly with tune.
Dhith Dhith Thai

With Pain in body and pleasure in soul,
I dance and I dance and I dance and I dance.

Makkal were very surprised when I told them. "Dance?", "But honey, aren't you,like, um, too old for that?"
I mean really, how does it matter? Does walking like a duck, being clumsy, physically weak make one non-danceable material?! (Ok, It does, but who cares?!)

Now, one and a half years later, came the next set of questions. "Salangai-poojai - as in stage performance?!" "But honey, aren't you,like, um, too amateurish for that?"
Ah, well, to all ye skeptical people, this time I agree with you! I am very much an amateur, but it is something I am looking forward to, as it serves in dispelling lots of my own doubts about myself.