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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Queen

The air was filled with anticipation,
the whole town was in an uproar,
Expectations and excitement mounted,
While there were celebrations galore.

To make the perfect crown and throne,
the best witches of the kingdom were called,
With flashes of fire and ancient power,
They were slowly and intricately wrought.

On the appointed day, the whole town assembled,
To watch the anointing of their queen,
The palace, though decked in silver and gold,
Looked intimidating for all its sheen.

The princess came dressed in black,
And a cheer rang out in the hall,
The drums rolled and the throne trembled,
but the bards’ songs overrode them all.

The crown was placed on her head,
Cold diamonds among warm rubies,
She smiled and sat gingerly on the throne,
And the crowd started chanting on their knees.

The spikes in the crown dug into her head,
Drilling deeper while she sat straight,
The throne hissed, twisted and melted,
Re-molding itself to absorb her weight.

The palace erupted in cheers,
for the princess that had once been,
Their hearts swollen and eyes filled,
As they looked at their eternal queen.

Monday, October 5, 2009


wait a minute Mr.fly!
what are you trying to imply?
don't you believe the promises i make?
do you believe I am that big a fake?

But Mr.lizard, understand me,
I'm the predated, can't you see?
my friends are killed by you everyday,
what more do i need to say?

My reputation precedes me,
I just want to play see?
a simple game of hide-n-seek,
I promise to be polite and very meek.

finally Mr.fly did agree to play,
persuaded by Mr.lizard day after day,
and they played every game under the sun,
oh, it was turning out to be so much fun!

one day they decided to try catch-catch,
Mr.fly was sure to win this match,
for who could overtake him in flying?
but Mr.lizard was all game for trying.

"start" and he spread his wings,
watching happily Mr.lizard starts to sing,
out came his sticky tongue and the fly was caught,
with a shocked oath, he valiantly fought.

"let me go, this was not the deal,
this is cheating, that's what I feel!"
"you stuck your wings in me sir,
it is not my mistake you hear?,

I just wanted to play with you,
but right now I am angry too,
for the trust not bestowed on me,
you have to pay a small fee."

With that he swallowed the fly,
and started chewing with a sad sigh.