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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An award received is 9 awards given!

Archana KC generously awarded me the Versatile blogger award! It is very difficult to not sound very smug when I say (or type) that! So, after pasting a permanent grin on my face, here is a list of seven random facts about myself.

1. The Garbage Rage: This is a fairly well-known trait of mine - I hate anyone throwing waste on the road. The whole filmy-ishtyle dramatic tearing of paper and throwing it in the air will, in all probability, see me in the background collecting it and searching for a dustbin.

2. Wannabe: I want to be an editor. Ever since I was the college department magazine editor, I have been bit by the bug, and desperately want to make the risky leap.

3. Old-age homes: I saw a news report of a 90-plus year old lady being brutally beaten by a nurse when I was 15. The nurse was mentally ill, and no one believed the old lady, until they found the video footage. That, and multiple visits to other homes later, it is a long-term dream to either start an old-age home, or fund it. It is not a philanthropic thought. It is more of an attempt to forget that video.

4. The memory: I forgive easily, but I don't forget. To put it in perspective, I forget the details of a bad incident, but I make sure I don't forget how miserable I felt then. So, many of my friends are left wondering when I stop chatting mid-way through a very interesting conversation.

5. Shopping: I hate shopping, and when it becomes a necessary evil, I prefer doing it alone. I seldom walk slow and keep running from one shop to another on some unknown deadline. I hate second opinions since they confuse me and then I end up buying nothing.

6. The writing craze: I like to write, literally. One of my best birthday gifts was a Waterman ink pen by Ashwin about 4 years ago, which has a permanent place on my desk. The note-making habits die hard.

7. The SUPW preference: Ever since KV (bless KV - the best school ever, location notwithstanding) had an SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) class, I have been inclined towards the "best-out-of-waste" philosophy. From making greeting cards to decorating the shelf with colored paper, I keep dreaming about the next-home-project to undertake.

I am a blog-addict. If I don't control myself, I spend the whole day on Google reader or jumping from one blog list to another; which is why, I am miffed that some of my favourite bloggers are on a self-imposed break. So, I am passing on the versatile blogger award to the following, hoping that they will come out of it:

1. Nithya.S: The mother of an adorable one-year old, she manages to multi-task with her age-old charm and smile. I wish she finds time to write some things about herself!

2. Suba: My bestest friend, who introduced me to Famous Five and created make-believe adventures for our group, seems to have taken a long break from her primary talent and passion - writing! (Suba, did you just remove your blog???)

3. Nithya.C: The super-sexy and geeky woman is such an innocent kid at heart that you can't help but be charmed by her. She is a wonderful writer, and it is a pity she writes so less.

4. Mrudula: I find her writing style very interesting, and considering that she is a good story-weaver, keep wondering when she will update her post next. Meanwhile, knowing more about the story-teller won't hurt!

5. Shreya: Bubbly, geeky, dancer, writer - call her what you may, this girl is a surprise package! From book reviews to management lessons, she covers it all succintly. Hope she can add a personal "7-random-facts" to that list.

6. Ashwin: At the risk of showing PDA, there really cannot be anyone as amazing as him. The workaholic man, however, is finding little time to write nowadays.

7. Nitin: It should be a crime for such good writers to be on a long sabbatical.

8. Kunal: The writing style is interestingly casual and intimate, without revealing any of his personal details. He is larger than what he seems on the blog, and it would be interesting to see a part of that in a post.

9. Jiju: He is a mobile wikipedia, with knowledge on everything and with creativity to spare. I am eagerly awaiting his novel, and in the meanwhile, can contend myself with a post or two!

So, well, Congratulations to all of you! I look forward to posts on "7 random facts about you" pretty soon!