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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The moment I step up on the podium,
the world starts swimming before me,
I stop, trembling, straining to hear,
the sound of Taala-Kattai that could save me.

Thath Thai Tham
Dith Thai Tham
Thath Thai Tham
Dhith Dhith Thai

Learning these steps a year back,
right-cross-jump! - I would tell myself slowly.
As I became the sound and the sound me,
I prepared for my first performance on Vijayadashmi.

Thath Thai Tham
Suddenly I hear what I was waiting for!
Dhith Thai Tham
and my feet move with steps forgotten;
Thath Thai Tham
fingers changing swiftly with tune.
Dhith Dhith Thai

With Pain in body and pleasure in soul,
I dance and I dance and I dance and I dance.

Makkal were very surprised when I told them. "Dance?", "But honey, aren't you,like, um, too old for that?"
I mean really, how does it matter? Does walking like a duck, being clumsy, physically weak make one non-danceable material?! (Ok, It does, but who cares?!)

Now, one and a half years later, came the next set of questions. "Salangai-poojai - as in stage performance?!" "But honey, aren't you,like, um, too amateurish for that?"
Ah, well, to all ye skeptical people, this time I agree with you! I am very much an amateur, but it is something I am looking forward to, as it serves in dispelling lots of my own doubts about myself.


Anupama said...

Having the courage to start is the most important thing. You go girl!

antbrain said...

Oh valiant one, oh wife of courage!
The day has come, to set a fire on stage!
You can do it, you can dance with unknown grace!
Don't you worry about it, that day it's your stage!
Hibbity bibbity bop, around that stage you'd hop!
I'd be here away a hundred miles,
clapping with the thalakattai in smiles!

Archana said...

and people still wonder why i love you so much! Thanks for the encouragement, need every ounce of it.. love you!

catce said...

inaa? nallaa dance panniyaa? apporam idhu inaa private forum naa i shall not vist ... hee hee, makkals are like this only, you ignore!
usual makkal = never compliment, always complement (remember?, complement of set A = A')

by the way, dis is jiju!

Archana said...

Ada raama, ungalukku epadi terinjeedhuu?! private forum elaam ille, ippo llaam elaame public declaration daan!!
dance mudinjidu.. nalla panneina illeya nu teriyele!! ;)

Arya said...

Your biological age may be perceived as a barrier to others but should it be for you?
ie: You are never too old to have fun. If you love dance and it makes you happy, go ahead. BTW, you looked great in the dance photos.

Hari & I were enjoying all the lovely poems you've written.