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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have waited,

for her first wail,
showing her annoyance,
and then take her first nap,
could a lullaby ever fail?

I have waited,

to see the protest in her eyes,
against her first sight,
and to snuggle against her pillow,
with a deep contented sigh.

I have waited,

for the toothless grin,
that her unfathomable dreams gave,
and that grin to turn naughty,
when she committed any little sin.

I have waited,

to watch her pink feet,
touch the floor,
and the walk to become a run,
whenever i came to meet.

I have waited,

for her small hand,
to curl around my finger,
and her hands to later hug me,
Ah! That feeling was so grand.

I have waited,

for her to play with toys,
cooing with them in baby talks.
and then for her to say my name,
in the musical lilt of her voice.

I have waited,

for 'it' to become 'she',
as she grew up so fast,
so that I can happily say
My Bommi's name is Rishi.

Writing this got me unexpectedly emotional, as it reminded me of every special moment with Rishita, my now-3-year old niece. Her first smile, her first hug, her first walk are etched in my mind. But the most precious memory is the way her face lit up whenever the doorbell rang. With a musical cry of 'Archana Chithiiiiii', she would come running and hug me.



Kunal Chandra said...

With post like these you dont create articles or poems you create memories, moments, albums what not... Well done!!!

antbrain said...


Archana said...

Thank you! :)

Sunita Chandrasekaran said...

Excellent Archana! I feel a kid's presence right next to me, reading your blog! Believe it or not, I dug out Rishita's pics now! You are an excellent writer, I should say...keep blogging...:)!

Hari said...
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Hari said...

Archie Chiti,

Excellent synopsis right upto toddler-hood.


Archana said...

Thanks Hari & Suni!
Suni, you still have Rishita's photos?! Wowiee!

Archana said...

Thanks Hari & Suni!
Suni, you still have Rishita's photos?! Wowiee!

Nitin said...

did ya read it out to her...? she wud be thrilled no doubt...

good ol memories...sometimes treasured in expressions, at times purely in photographs...!
nice one....

jan said...

too good archie!! really touched:)