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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The devil, unfortunately, cares!

Once there was a man called MeekEnLow,
who hated his voice, low, rough and slow.
In a twist of fate, he fell in love with a girl,
and finally married this beauty named ShoutEnHurl.

The girl was loud, where he was not,
it was a disadvantage, especially when they fought.
He grew lazy, surly and paunchy with anger,
which with suppression only grew stronger.

Ultimately his body exploded and he died,
"How embarrassing!", He howled and cried,
He met the devil with his mind made,
no kith or kin will, like him, ever fade.

The devil impatiently heard him out,
then breathing fire, laughed out loud!
He had a brilliant idea in his mind,
he had wanted to try it for long on mankind.

"I have a solution my man" says he,
"to create noise as loud as it can be,
whenever your kith feel they might explode,
they'll use this on women, and have joy manifold."

The devil then pursuaded God to introduce cars,
to provide men a bit of comfort, luxury and class
But, unknown to Lord, gave men evil knowledge,
of making horns to aid in MeekEnSlow's revenge.

There you go, you have it now,
MeekEnLow was avenged and how!
His Kith and kin, no less dumb,
are driving & honking with minds numb.

The devil looks at the noisy mess below,
and gloating at God, takes a deep bow.
I hate the venting honking buttons. At times, it seems men horn because they have nothing better to do, or because they want their front-seat counterparts to stop talking, or stop liking them.


antbrain said...

LOL!! What names people had then?! MeekEnLow and ShoutEnHurl! Sounds better than the current trend :))
loved d ending! :))

Kunal Chandra said...

looks like your emotions against the honking are stronger than I initially thought. But you must look at the positive side, these emotions bring out the best of creativity in you. Excellent poem!! Your enemies (the useless honkers) must have been humbled by the excellence of such poetic skills that have been used to condemn them...

Anonymous said...

well written!
Looks like u are still suffering with honkers :P
But it is a very cute/clever way to express frustration. AWESOME

Anonymous said...

pip-pip, send all those honkers to the USofA, I say. or better still, u come here for a break and then go back. i am so sad i dont hear that cacophony nowadays. remember pesum padam / pushpak? kamal couldn't sleep without the cacophony in the background - same with the honks and honkers and ppl like me who r missing india driving :-(