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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spray Painting!

Man 2: Eww! Don't spit on the road!
Man 2: Spitting turns women off by the way.
Sluurrpp - Phat!
Man 2: It grosses them out! Look at her. She has actually turned away in disgust!
Man 1: What should I do then?
Man 2: Follow my lead now.
Man 1: You are eyeing the same girl?
(Chew chew)
Man 1: Careful, its leaking!
(Tip Tip Splash)
Man 1: Trying to keep it in is even worse man! The DAMe is just Not interestED (DAMNED!!

(wiping off)
Man 2: Well, not our fault is it? DAMNED if you do it, DAMNED if you don't.

Of all the habits Indians have, spitting on the road is, by far, the most disgusting and revolting one! While the majority of south Indians prefer decorating the road with flesh colored spit, the North Indians, believe in painting the town red, literally.

This post is inspired by a certain gentleman in bus today, who standing near the bus door, was releasing one rocket after another!


Nithya Sriram said...

I truly agree, there couldn be anything thats more disgusting that spitting.. The newly built railway station or the newly laid pavement has these rubber stamps of spitters...

Archana said...

Very true!! and its becoming increasingly common too!!

Preeti said...

I thought there were fine for spitting in public places. Well, I assume it is still not working :(

Anonymous said...

good post, about something that has been a constant across our country. by the way, i felt very happy to see fresh paan stains in new jersey oustide a paan shop. when i saw a guy going phat splash etc, i didnt know what to say!

antbrain said...

I saw a colleague of mine spit his gum into the handwash sink in office and leave today, during lunch! Man, I wanted to kick him in the butt! But all I could do was stare at him and he walked off smiling at me! Aaarggh!

Archana said...

Ashwin - that is yuckkkkkkk!! Educated people of all the things, and washbasin - eww!

Archana said...

Jiju - a pan shop in new jersey! interesting!

Sree - rule or no, this isnt stopping for some time to come!!

ANR said...

I agree, this habit is downright disgusting. Sometime an autowala keeps spitting & you have to tolerate it till the journey ends. its like 20 times in 20 mins. Its awful. Just like the no smoking campaigns the gov should start one on this. But then these ads will be unbearable to watch I assume.