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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Definers-III mission

20 hours after Definers-III landed at the pacific, the passengers decided to approach homo sapiens. The aim of the mission was very clear - Clarity-RX (CRX) had to get in touch with at least one homo Sapien and learn their language.
17 days later, CRX touched base with the mother ship, and reported his findings to Clarity-ID (CID) . Part of the translated excerpt is provided here:

CRX: The paradoxical behavior of the hosts are outlandish.

CID (making a note): Elucidate.

CRX: There are many sir.
- Despite being vocal about their anti-pollution and pro=green beliefs, they use gas guzzling two-,three-, four- wheel vehicles and helicopters.
- They chronically complain about corruption, but don't stop taking or giving bribes
- People who dont follow the traffic rules discuss at length about the lawlessness on the roads
- Self proclaimed high morale people watching and sharing pirated movies and software.
- Human rights activists kicking their dog

CID: It doesn't make sense. What do the hosts say?

CRX: Hosts saY Portions Of Comments aRe Invisible To thEm

After 3.21 minutes of static

CID: I got it as H Y P O C R I T E. What does it mean?

CRX: No I said, Hosts saY Portions Of Comments aRe Invisible To thEm

CID: Oh ok. Lets call them as hypocrite from now on. What else?


Clarity, thus helped us in giving a word for one of the our most inherent characteristics.


antbrain said...

Haha!! Well done! Liked the pseudo acronym a lot :-)
got curious by this post to find the actual etymology of the word, and here it is:

Archana said...

Thank you thank you!
Definitions match, dont they?!