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Monday, April 26, 2010

The biggest driver for women wanting to marry

India will have women marrying at a younger age, and hopefully will agree to an arranged one too, much to the relief of parents.
Why you ask? Because of Tanishq of course. They have embarked on a beautiful and well-thought of campaign:
A highly ambitious and successful girl is adamant on not marrying, despite her dad's pleadings to at least consider the case of this really nice guy he has chosen for her. The mother, looks on scornfully, until she asks her daughter to stop the car and enters Tanishq, the jewellery shop. She makes her daughter try on all the jewellery making her look, well, bride-like. When the mother realises that it was wedding jewellery, she asks her daughter to take them off, making the girl very sad and almost on the verge of tears. She decides immediately what needs to be done. Hestitantly and shy-like, she asks her father, "What is the boy's name?"
The mother sends a smug sms to the father - After 25 years of marriage, yous till don't know what a woman wants.

It was enlightening to say the least. 20-something old girls need nothing more than gold, silver and diamond jewellery to be happy. For a vulnerable, malleable and underdeveloped mind like ours, jewellery is the key (and perhaps the only) criteria for getting married.
I hope its a series. The next best thing would be an ad on how women are ready to have children, considering the amount of jewellery they will get to wear on the child's first birthday.


Ashwin Kumar said...

Haha!! I can wonderfully recall the way your face twitched with contempt while the ad played last night during the match (where CSK won, a-ha!!).. They quite deserved this from you! Loved it! :-)

Nithya Sriram said...

OMG, how did such an ad escape my eyes ??? i was hooked for the whole match..Glad that i din see it....
Senseless,stupid ...shame on the ad makers who cant make a decent effort... i so hate the ad..

Anupama said...

Seriously, this ad is demeaning. What were they thinking!! Good reason to marry?! Some other prince jewellery or something where she continuosly looks at people's jewels instead of focusing on her marriage. Mad!

So many ads make my angry. Kajal in her olay ad. Am a firm ex-fan.

Some others mild irritants are-
The repeated usage of fair skinned people, the stereotypical family of 4 with one boy and one girl child.

The Mad Jammer said...

Grrr. Annoying to say the least. I wonder why all these sarees/jewellery advertisements have only to be married girls in it. There are very less ads that raise anything less than anger.

Archana said...

Ha! It is sooo nice to hear people concur on what I thought was a straight-forward and demeaning advertisement! You wouldn't believe that there are people out there who thought this was well executed.

Anu - Kajal's Olay ad was shocking.. I'm a huge Kajol fan too! Whyw ould she put so much of powder for a cream when her natural color is so very good totally escapes me! and omg, I just remembered which jewellery ad you were talking about - GRT I think.. for Bridsemaid jewellery! Oh yes, equally stupid.. and so is the prince jewellery one.. "I will do whatever you want on one condition - My jewels should be from Prince wonly"!

Nithya - You lucky lucky girl!!

Ashwin and Mad Jammer - Annoying indeed! and anger-generating of course! Is that how they see their own sisters, mothers etc? I wonder!

Nivedita said...

What I want to say can be summed up in one word "Egjactly"!!

Archana said...

Thanks Nivi!

jan said...

super cool archi..loved it :)what an ad! i must see it!

Archana said...

Thanks Jan! Hope you've seen it by now!