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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Coffee is bad for me,
that I know for sure.
But, however hard my resolve,
I cannot have less than four.

First cup to wake me up,
And second to sustain it,
Third cup to pass the day,
And fourth to seal it.

I did try to give it up,
By having milk and juice.
But with a crying baby in hand,
A headache is NOT good news.

So I have relapsed to my old ways,
With four cups every day.
But over time, I will develop the will
To get this out of my way.


antbrain said...

hahaha!! confessions of a coffee addict!

Archana said...

Oh yes indeed!

Kunal Chandra said...

You should be grateful that your biggest regret is only that you drink too much coffee :)

Very nice!

Archana said...

Hmm, what's your biggest regret?

S said...

I have come down to two cuppa :-) May be you should go back to your old "tea-ways" :-P Heard it's lots more halthier :-)

S said...


P.S: I should have typed it correct the first time, now I have to additionally type-in the "Word verification" - along with all this nonsense!

Archana said...

Suba - oh yes I should. But the moment i stray away from these 4 cups, I get a terrible headache. Ahaan senses that and is at his crankiest best that day!! :) I have reduced it to three .. omitting the third one. :)

Anupama said...

good to read...