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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Death Wish

Franklee was on a run. Known as the most nimble deer in the jungle, he still feared the ferocious lioness. Having escaped her once already, he was sure he was not going to be lucky this time.
Just then he reached a turbulent river. For a split second, it reminded him of the story of the three brothers, who had a similar predicament:

One of them created a bridge through his wand, and they started crossing it. Then, death appeared. He was angry that he had lost his victims, but appeared to congratulate them, and granted them each a wish. The Eldest one asked for an unconquerable wand and the middle one asked for a resurrection stone, while the youngest brother asked for a cloak of invisibility to escape death. Needless to say, the elder two brothers finally died because of these wishes, while the youngest one led a happy trouble-free life.

Scarcely had Franklee done recalling the story, that Death appeared before him.
"You have me in front and the lioness behind you. Death seems to be certain. However, I will grant you a wish, like I did for the brothers. What do you want?"
Franklee, in his haste, replied, " Please sir, can you build a dam so that I can cross this godforsaken river?"
Death retorted, "Franklee my deer, I don't give a dam.".
As Franklee watched him chuckle at his own cleverness, the lioness had pounced up on him.


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HAHAHA!!! Highlarious!

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Har. Har.

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waazzzuuuppp said...

Three much! Respect! Take a bow! Give a dam! :D