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Monday, November 19, 2012


It was one of those days where everything was going wrong. It was getting dark, the autos weren’t coming and I had promised to be home by 8.

By the time I reached home, it was already 9. I had had an absent-minded conversation with the auto-guy who was very curious about computers and where he can do courses on basic skills. I smiled while I got out, said a hasty “Thank you”, had time to notice a couple sitting on a bike having a conversation in a low voice, and bounded up the stairs…

..when my phone rang suddenly. It was my friend’s friend – a guy I knew barely through a farewell gift I was doing for my friend.

I: “Hi, how are you?”
He: “Tell me, do you stay at.."(followed by my street name)?

I (Surprised – he did not seem like the stalker kind): “Um, yeah”.

He:”I am standing right outside your building with my sister. I just saw you get down from the auto”.

Aah. The couple in the corner.

I: “Oh?”

He (Uncomfortable now) : “I just got a call, so decided to stop my bike and take it.”

I: “Wait, I will come down”.

I have to admit I was very reluctant about this. Not only was my mom sounding pretty furious, I had no enthusiasm to meet a guy outside my building (with its share of nosy neighbours) at 9 pm.

As it turned out, the sister talked more than the guy and I talked more than both of them put together. After some hasty plans to meet the next day to exchange books, we bid goodbye.

I (thinking): “What a bad timing!”

He (thinking): “What a snob! Couldn’t she talk in tamil?”

A little more than a year later, we were engaged. I wonder about the person who said that the first impressions were the last impressions.  In fact, in my case, the best impressions are the last impressions.


Archana Chari said...

What? Is this how you met Ash? When I read the first few lines, I almost thought you are going to share an eve-teasing disaster.Sorry :)

Clearly, I did not read the title! Very nice post.

antbrain said...

Heyyyy! Has it been that long or has my memory dimmed?! Until the very last paragraph, my impression of the post was that it didn't involve me. Turns out I was there from the beginning. Well played! Mmuah!

Anupama Srinivasan said...

<3 <3 <3

Archana said...

Arch: Hahaha! Ya - no romantic love-at-first-sight for us.

Antbrain: DUDE! Only one story we can tell Ahaan and you forget it?

Anu: *Blush!

Anonymous said...

ah, appidiyaa? yengiyo poitta ... i remembered the first time i met your sister. and then remembered the mango juice you gave me and .... down memory lane, guitar music ... drums. thanks for the post and sharing the history :-)

Archana said...

Haha, I remember standing awkwardly waiting for you to take the darn glass... and all of us waiting for the one-hour-turned-into-a-three-hour conversation to end so that we could have our lunch!!

Such pleasant simple times! :D

Anonymous said...

So that's how everything started? Cute... Guess you made a good impression on the sister too! :-)


Archana said...

:) I think I did!Time to share your details de!