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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Lion Amma

So Ahaan, in one of his profound moments, looked at a lion and said, “Amma”. My attempts at gently correcting him proved futile, as he was convinced that the ferocious, beautiful (Ahem), intimidating and scary cat was indeed me.

Few days later, I had to admit that he was bang-on. I did possess some liony-qualities:

  1. The Violent streak: After locking up the house for a week, I come home to find that it has been taken over by mini cockroaches (the inspiration behind this post). So, I went on a rampage – using the insecticide, broom, utensils and sometimes, even bare hands, to kill them all. 
    Apart from the murders, in one of my less-lucid moments, I showed Ahaan how toys get broken if you throw them - by throwing some myself. (Yeah yeah, save the advice).
  2. The budding Snarkiness: I have become one of those colony-aunties who shouts at kids. Correction, at budding bullies who think they can get away with “BOO”-ing Ahaan or otherwise scaring him. And of course, it is only prudent to mention the teens I shouted at (Pagal Ho Kya??) for trying to crush a little dog between the colony gates.
  3. The Roar: And needless to say, I have an enviable roar. Especially when Ahaan decides that the middle of the road is the perfect resting place and the uneven pavements are ideal dancing spots.

To the little man’s credit, he is his mother’s son. So, when I roar, he promptly closes his small ears with his smaller fingers and gives me a serene smile.

If that doesn’t work, he throws whatever he is holding like a javelin.

My Son. Sniff.
Note: Photo credit to this awesome website.


antbrain said...

buwahahahaha!! Had me laughing from the first para! hahaha! And I so clearly see him in that 3rd pic! Way well done!

Archana said...

Hehe, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You didnt let hime finish completely.He was going to say ' Amma, athu enna ma periya poona ?? '

Anonymous said...

More than the post, the labels had me in splits ! The qualities of a lion in a mom a !! Doi.....

Archana said...

:) Haha.. Ahaan is turning out to be one naughty kid - whatever he does, I am sure, is very intentional!

Kunal Chandra said...

From what I read on your blogs and seem to know a little bit about you I have no doubt in my mind that you must be turning out to be one lioness of a mother. Caring, loving, adoring but at the same time disciplined, i-know-what to-teach-my-son ish, and wise mother.

Anupama Srinivasan said...

Nicely written!
You are not a tiger mother though...(Amy chua)

Archana said...

Hehe, thanks!
You know Anu, I remembered reading the excerpt on the Tiger mom in RD - and I kind of appreciate her and her guts.

Archana said...

Umm, Ashwin, you don't see "Me" in the first pic?