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Monday, February 15, 2016

Of Empusa and Turongs

The Hurons and Turongs lived on the opposite sides of a very temperamental river, Empusa. They weren't very good at farming, but the presence of the moody and ferocious river (very aptly named by the way), and the fact that each side owned 30 acres of land, sort of forced their hand into it.

Come springtime, the two families hired temporary labourers to till the land and sow the seeds. Empusa was fine with it.

....Until one day, when she decided she wasn't.

She unleashed herself on the Hurons in full fury. She overflew her banks, destroyed all the saplings and swept off the soils, ODing on the fertilizers.

Turongs could hear her go, and knew that it would be their turn next.
"Why, it sounds like she is laughing!" They said, with reluctant admiration.
"We have to build a canal and ensure that she stays on the right."
"Yes, she must not turn towards us!"
Thus decided, the Turongs started an elaborate mission of creating a canal. 

Four days later, Empusa was relatively calm. She turned and started watching them, laboriously digging and planting the walls.

"What are you doing?" She seemed to ask.
"Trying to one-up you!" Turongs replied.
"So, the canal is to make me turn right?" Empusa asked and snickered.

Turongs stopped working, unsure. 

"What's so funny?"
"Well, everybody knows that Turongs don't make a right!"

She cackled, turned and destroyed their farm in a single swoosh.


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