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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Male bonding typically happens in smoking room over talks of women, football/cricket and beer. I guess we ALL know where female bonding happens: Shopping.

And I dread that word. Don't mistake me. I didn't say I hate shopping. No girl survives in India, especially Chennai, with less than 7 dresses and a couple of earrings. Considering I have double ear piercings, and have some more lined up, I am totally IN with the More is Cool trend here. But I quickly run out of patience, and prefer buying the first few things I see, however expensive and mediocre they are.

So you think that is a good thing? Think again. When 60% of a girl-girl conversation is related to the biggest shopping haunts in Chennai, and crooning over the latest trends and must-haves, I find my knowledge or contribution to such topics negligible. When someone Oohs and Aahs, 'Where did you buy that dress/earrings/bag/shoe from?!', I embarrassingly forget that important detail at that crucial moment which would make or break the bond.

To put it in a nutshell, I am making excuses for my dwindling number of female friends! There are few i treasure: Mom (Yes!!), Aarthi, Suba and Aruna. The rest come, try their hands at being patient with me, and give up!

I intend writing the next few blogs on these girls who have made my life!

PS: I have just listed the people who have been been with me, like forever. There are others with whom I have lost a mental touch due to distances and differences.


Armanda said...

I exactly figure in that list of those whom you have lost contact with due to distance. Its fate I guess. You've completely changed from that bespectacled girl I knew 8 years back. Good to see a reform happening! Keep more of those posts/poems coming. Good luck!

Evglere said...

hehe! my turn to ask... who is this?!

Santo said...

I would like to modify the opening lines of this interesting piece. If male bonding happens in a smoking room then a non smoker like myself would be condemned to eternal unbonding( is that the opposite of bonding). So lets say you got all the topics correct but the geography can be extended to just about anywhere oxygen is available..

Archana said...

:) For that matter, female bonding also happens at places other than shopping. The first para statements are more axioms than theorems. The corollary is not true. I am not saying that If you dont shop, smoke or drink beer bondings won't happen. Smoking/drinking together, talking about sighting the same girls, and shopping conversation help in creating bonds!