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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Dirt covered window, with a small palm print,
allowing sun rays to enter weaving dirt ways,
touseled grey sheets with brown stains,
some glisten red reflecting light,
naked body lying, heaving now and then,
curled into a ball, a girl of ten.
bruised and battered, red turning purple,
big scared eyes, salty tears healing wounds.
a heart-broken sigh, she gets up,
covering her wounds, to go to school,
leaving her room, the smell of wine,
and her drunken father behind.

This poem was written after reading "Our little secret", a story on child sexual abuse.


AnUpaMa said...

Breaks my heart just reading the poem. What is it in the human psyche that turns his heart into stone and inflicts so much damage on helpless tiny little thing? Adds to my growing pessimism about this world.

Evglere said...

I'll agree with you on that! There are so much happeing which is unfathomable by us right now!

Armanda said...

Good job Evglere! Captures every emotion to pin point detail. Waiting to listen more from you. Bravo!!

Evglere said...

Thanks Armanda!