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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Pink Tree

Grazing my cattle far from home,
I suddenly snap out of my reverie,
My hands shake and i drop my stick,
looking ahead at the lone pink tree.

I am not shocked by the color,
or that it is the only tree for miles,
A candy floss wrapped in yellowed grass,
it was a sight for sore eyes.

I am not shocked by its height,
or that it grew in so dry a ground.
a leafy lollypop in yellow hands,
nods with the wind making a moaning sound.

I am shocked by its presence,
where last summer, my son was buried,
a flamboyant tombstone marking a buoyant soul,
growing out of an innocent heart-seed.

Stronger and Calmer, I walk up to the tree,
Cheek on trunk, I sing his favorite song,
leafy arms engulf me,
and i hear him sing along.


waazzzuuuppp said...

enchanting. bravo!
my rxn:)

Archana said...

took me some time to find out who you are!! was worried that my list of mysterious and shy commenters is increasing!;)

Jingle bells said...

Trying to guess what inspired the author... If all of it was not imagination, was it some chap trying to shake some fruits off a normal 'green tree'? Will people in the author's life grow self-conscious about what poems they might be triggering every moment? Phew... I hate people with such intimidating behavior!

Archana said...

Keep guessing! I doubt you will come close with your limited thinking. :)
By the waym why the anonymity? I can easily find ou who you are by the way you type.

Sunita Chandrasekaran said...

Yipppeee!! cool Archana!!
your style of writing is amazing!! keep it up..!!

Archana said...

Thanks Suni!

nits said...

Thats a nice one!

Archana said...

Thanks Nits!