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Friday, September 19, 2008

My poor Hubby!

A mental break after a long long time! Though I am technically working, i love the non-AC and 'livable' conditions of my home PC, compared to office, where i end up catching cold or headache or stares!
Now my good luck makes me pity some less-fortunate mortals on! So, here is a poem for the long-sufferers, especially my hubby-to-be. May Gods and his bosses be kind to him at least today!
:) Oh i love irritating him:
My smile becomes broader,
can lazy day be any more sweeter?
then i worry about my poor hubby,
who works in the land of mordor.

i am in pure bliss,
can life be better than this?
then i worry about my poor hubby,
will he today find peace?

hippity-bippity bop,
around my room i hop,
then i worry about my poor hubby,
will his drudgery ever stop?


antbrain said...

Luv ya babe!

Archana said...

Me too!!!!!

Nitin said...

nice poem....

Archana said...

:) Good to have you back.. waiting for your new post!

Kamban said...

I have only one point to make at this time - It will be lot easier and user-friendly if the comments open in a pop-up than the main window.

Archana said...

Thanks for the point JP - point taken, considered and implemented.