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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Angry Scolding Self(ASS): Hey!!
Me(M): Mmm (Yawn) You talkin' to me?

ASS: Yes I am! You can't sleep now.
M: But, My preciousss!
ASS: Don't preciouss me! Medicinal sleep in never an excuse.
M: Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. zzzzzzz

ASS: Hey what the hell?! Hello!!! ARCHA....
M: Cut it out! You had me at hello.
ASS: Better, now what?
M: I am going to make an offer you can't refuse - 5 minutes nap break, pretty please?

ASS: Fine, 5 minutes it is. I'll be back.
M: You know, for a little woman, you do make a lot of noise!!
ASS: I am big! Its the pictures that got small.
M: *snort* You can at least use original lines!

After 5 minutes...
ASS: 5-minute power nap is over! Wake up!
M: (Still Groggy) I think I have Houston (Horrible Occurences CaUsing Sleep Taking Over at Noon)
ASS: Sh*t! Houston? We have a problem!!
M: No we don't. Let me sleep through this afternoon. After all, tomorrow is another day.

Disclaimer: For the sake of originality, check this out!


antbrain said...

LOL!! Niceeee! You are getting better at abbrevations babe :))

Anonymous said...

Good One!
the abbr. is cool thinge

Archana said...

I don't know about the abbreviation.. both the post and that were juvenile.. but it was so much fun writing it!! :)