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Sunday, April 5, 2009



Raezidyr sat by his favourite brook,
Flexing and oiling his wings,
Impatient, he stifled a sigh,
Listening to Haeli talk.

“toe heel calf knee,
Start from bottom, see?
You should be gentle, but quick”
She whispered tensely.

“But Haeli, I know this already!”,
He whined, exasperated,
“I’ll be good on my first day,
Please don’t worry about me”

Detecting enthusiasm in his terse replies,
Haeli felt nervous, but happy.
Leading him to his first task,
she nervously oversaw his work.

Working on the giant smooth and fast,
Raezidyr massaged from toe to head,
He finally felt the knotted muscles loosen,
And tasted sweet success at last!

He must have made a noise small,
For the beast woke up suddenly in shock,
Raezidyr flew out through the window,
With an angry Haeli at heel.

The human kept staring at the fairies,
Wondering what was wrong with her,
“black spots again! Do I have BP?”
She muttered and went back to sleep.

She got up in the morning with a sigh,
Yawning widely, she said with a smile,
“what a refreshing sleep, I feel rejuvenated!”.
Listening, Raezidyr beamed at Haeli with pride.

* pronounced as Re-zee-dir

Have you heard this story of a cobbler, who was very poor and could not sell most of his work? Then, feeling pity on him, every night after his going to sleep, these tiny fairies would come out and make fine, intricate, and beautiful shoes for him. He would sleep with half-finished work, and wake up to find his work completed! He quickly became successful and lived happily ever after!
I just started wondering how we wake up energised after every sleep! Maybe we are worked upon by tiny fairies too, who massage our hands and feet and make us feel fresher each morning!


Anonymous said...

along with me, the tiny fairies must also be getting kicked by the one and only penlaty corner expert, kicker, left foot and right foot footballer (at night) of my home, the Princess Bommi!

antbrain said...

Lovely! Beautiful names your fairies have! Wish they were extra pleased with you last night after reading this post :))

LOL abt Ranga's comment!

Anupama said...

Good one. Whats with the names? Inspired by Koldo...?

Archana said...

LOL jiju!! she is still into her kicking spree!!!

The names were just a random set of alphabets with minimum vowel usage!! But ya, the theme was inspired by Koldo! I love fantasy fistion in any form!