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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am not exactly weight conscious, but I am definitely shape conscious.. especially when the shape is moving steadily from a

  • drumstick to a yam
  • an hourglass to a barrel
  • coconut tree to a Banyan tree

So well, when I started putting on weight, I spent a lot of my precious time fretting about the unseemly result. After almost a year of just that followed up with short-term GM diets, and ad-hoc yoga exercises..

Lightening finally struck in the form of Abhishek Bachan in a doctor's garb sexily uttering.."just walk when you talk".

What were earlier a joke and a tease, later turned out to be very effective. It started with walking almost two hours everyday while talking to Ashwin. That was followed by climbing six stairs to office while, err, talking to myself.

The end result?

  • I don't huff and puff at the end of the sixth floor.
  • It gives me a perfect and energising start to a day.
  • I felt unexplainably smug and proud to be able to do it.
  • I haven't compromised on any of my unhealthy food habits.
  • I haven't lost as much weight as I would have wanted.

Eh? Well ya, I haven't, but I have definitely become

  • A carrot perhaps, if not a yam
  • A cylinder, if not an hourglass,
  • Eucalyptus tree if not a coconut tree.

So well, there!

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antbrain said...

Arre! What an idea sir ji! Partly explains why I hear a gush of wind all the time when we talk! ;))