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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Dilemma of an ee

Once upon a time, there was an ee (for all the tamil uninitiated: ee means fly in tamil) called Onaest. He worked as a police officer in his lane, monitoring all ee-activities and ensuring the right codeof conduct.

Onaest had one weakness - he liked to read. In fact, whenever he took a break from work, he would go to a corner, take out his book and read. His friends, seeing this as the one opportunity to talk to him, would hover around him and start chatting.

That made Oneast very angry. Any normal-ee worth his strawberry should,according to him, know how important reading was. Rejuvenating. Peaceful. Calm before a storm. Quiet before ee-patrolling. But how could he tell everyone to buzz off without hurting them?

Now the writer herself is in a dilemma, is Onaest-ee the best police-ee?


antbrain said...

Onaest-ee, pleease speek up directlee and end this unbearblee sillee activitee of your elite companee. Do you hear mee?! :-)

Archana said...

oh my patii, you are rightiee!

I will speak up directly pretty soon if this madness continues!