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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We always meet people we can't stand; and at times, we enjoy hating them so much that we keep hating them even if they are actually very nice.

Then there are people we like a lot. We like them so much that when they utter someting downright despicable, all we can do is gape.
I have had 3 back-to-back episodes with such much-liked people:

In the fast lane:

Ex-colleague: " I have lost count of how many dogs I have killed while driving"
Me: "What?"
Ex-Colleague: "There is no other option. At that speed, you can't really stop!"


Girl 1: " I can't stand dogs."
Girl 2:"I can't believe you don't like them. They are so sweet and loyal."
Girl 1: "I can buy loyalty. But I really can't stand dogs"
She said that while kicking at a dog who came sniffing at her.


Me:"Working late nights must be irritating right?"
Boy:" Yes it is, especially since, while going back, dogs start chasing. Thats why I have stones in my pocket. I chase each one of them and throw at them."
Me (laughing): "You're joking right?"
Boy: "Arre no, they are a menace. In fact this one time, I asked the auto guy to stop and hit every one of them. Now they will not follow me."

The second one especially was a particularly eye-popping and open-gaping episode. I mean, you hear such things in movies right? Who in the right mind says something like that?!


Anupama said...

third one is an eye-popper.
I would've quickly checked my pockets and say "searching for a stone to throw one at you"
And laugh before he says anything else.

But I have no idea on how to react to episode-2!

Anonymous said...

aiyyoo .... vera topic-ay kadakka liya unakku? :-(
bommi and i were chased by a dog early morning when we were coming back from our customary newspaper purchasing walk. i hate dogs, esp the stray dogs that prowl the streets, and if they are as tall as my daughter!!

Archana said...
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Archana said...

@Anu: You're right; its better to retort anytime!

@jiju: u n bommi chased by a dog?? how did bommi react?
i didn't know you hated dogs!! I think bommi will love all animals; she already likes cats a lot! :D

Anonymous said...

its no fun being chased by an angry growling dog at 3am on a deserted road... what do u suggest people in such situations do?

Archana said...

Anon - not "stop" an auto and hit them. An auto can overcome a dog any day - I've been in that situation. I'd rather have someone Scaring a dog when provoked, than have someone hitting a dog to be safe. Thats nonsense, whatever you say.