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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Charting Parenting Expectations

I remember one of my friends once mentioning that she is planning to have kids. 
“Why?”, I asked casually. 
She sounded surprised at the question. “Because I am going to be 30! Everyone my age already is a mother.”
“But that really can’t be the criteria for wanting kids.” 
“You already are a mother. You don’t know the pressure we go through”. 

Hmm. Before I start this post, let’s get a couple of things out of the way: 

  1. I am a very happy and content mother. I have a son I adore, and who reciprocates that back. 
  2. I have a very happy life. Enough said. 
So, despite being that spoilt, I still warn every wanna-be mothers to think it (it=baby fetish) through. There are very strong reasons for that warning, and I thought of making some charts to explain it (just so, next time I can send a link to this post instead of lecturing the poor souls!)

Things to look forward to while parenting
  • Time Crunch: No time for hobbies, sleep, friends or for exercise.

Average time spent for various activities

  • Advice overload: Everyone who has an internet connection (or memory) is going to give you an advice.

Sources of advice

  • Finance crunch: There are some additional (unexpectedly expensive) factors to consider.
Sources of Expenditure

  • Stress Hike: Every parent, working or otherwise is going to go crazy with guilt, and the sheer number of things to do. 

Stress and Multi-tasking levels

  • Songs Crunch: The choices narrow down inadvertently. 

Frequency of songs heard/sung

Of course, there are some major perks as well. Your life gets a direction, and you (finally) get some perspective. Specifically, there are two things I could think of 
  • Energy Spike: Coming back home is not about resting, but looking forward to some cricket/football time. 

Average energy levels during the day

  • Work-Life Balance: The chaotic work-life balances and OCDs are finally sorted out.

Average Work-Life Balance in a week

Happy parenting (or non-parenting as the case may be)!

Source: Imagination and experience :)


antbrain said...

haha good one!! wouldn't you say, for all the charts and information you've provided, this is still a fair picture for the 'aspirants'? eh? can probably scare, but won't terrorize. which is what we should be aiming for, no? i mean, where are the grisly details? what about the mind games, strategies and trial by combats required to keep the household sane? such detailing is the need of the hour! maybe the next one :D

Archana said...

@Antbrain: Word!! Together we can write a book to scare em away!

Arch said...

This is awesome. I love how that 'chart maker' inside all of us suddenly wakes up for such posts. I will also send this link to anyone who pesters me to settle down quickly :D

R's Mom said...

hahahahahah! I am on the floor laughing really...you are an excellent analyst *looks proudly* Got it so right!

Archana said...

Arch and R's Mom: Yeyyy! The consultant in us :D