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Saturday, June 28, 2008

4Ws and 1H

Saturday morning - I jump up on my bed,
too much work- that is all I have in my head,
Now in front of comp, my mind wanders,
how did I survive 2 months? I wonder.

'You have been put in Logistics'
Anil tell me happily
'Um, that is good, I know' I fumble
'Can you explain what it is though?'

'Research and find out what is hot'
Anil breaks the news,
'Oh I'll do it for sure' I say,
'But who is this report meant for?'

'Do a powerpoint, Arial font and shades of blue'
Anil tries to coax,
'Did I hear you right?' I ask,
'But really, why can't it be more bright??'

'Cover everything and be done by Monday'
Anil says smoothly,
'Can you please repeat what you said?' I ask,
'It is the when part that I dread!'

'Forecast, Primaries, Analysis',
Anil gives me a list,
'Oh I get it I get it' I fume,
'But you will tell me how, I presume.'

What, Who, Why, When and How,
questions that govern my life now,
I should be frustrated and angry but I am not,
As I happen to like my job a lot!

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