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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The tale of a horse

This poem was written recently just to bug Ash:

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!,
The hooves make the sound,
As he runs through the greens,
covering more and more ground.

With a coat of brilliant white,
and lustrous mane flying high,
he is a graceful figure for his height!
minions of the jungle turn to watch,
as he, like a breeze, passes by.

He has reached Vikhroli,
Drenched in sweat, from Mallad,
Facing banana bombs, Chepauk and me,
He now whinnies a ballad:
“Oh! I need a break and sleep”,
he whinnies all day long.

God Almighty, unable to bear the song,
Lets him sleep whenever he wants
So now he spends the first third of the day on hay,
Sleep in bus in the second third
And trot slowly in the last leg of the day

So now, Ashwin sleeps and sleeps,
breaking only for food and piss.
But, unknown to him, The God has other plans.
Tomorrow, he needs to run again,from Vikhroli to Netherlands.

The journey will be long and hard,
lots of pitfalls, people and training,
But no no, it won’t be bad,
As he would meet his old relatives & friends
And imagine the experience he is gaining!

Ya! I know! Its funny and dumb! But i loved writing it! Since there are some parts which most of you won't understand, here is a small spoiler:

Mallad : Location of Ex-TCS office
Vikhroli: Where CapGemini, his new office is
Banana Bombs: The production house of his movie
Chepauk: Where the chennai cricket ground is, and we went there to see an amazing match between CSK & RR

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Nitin said...

You Forgot to Explain
NewZealand:"....place where he is setting up the sets for honeymoon" :)