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Saturday, June 21, 2008


(Dedicated to Ash)

I have been trying for hours,
but am unable to recollect his face.
I dream of him every moment, but wonder,
How I always see him as a mosaic of colors

‘Can we be friends?’,
Asked the white Man,
So innocent and so pure,
‘Of course Yes!,’ I said,
and life took a better turn thence

‘I think I have a crush on you’,
Said the pink Man,
Blushing and Mischievous,
‘Ha! That will pass’, I said,
But, oh dear; did I feel the same way too?

‘I want to marry you’,
Said the green Man,
Smiling and down on one knee,
‘Oh Yes Yes Yes!’, I screamed,
There was nothing more I wanted too!

‘I have to leave’,
Said the grey man,
Mature and responsible,
‘Of course, go ahead’, I said,
with nothing more than a kiss to give.

‘I miss you so’,
Said the orange man,
Romantic and dreamy,
‘I do too’, I say,
He will be back soon, I know.

A mosaic of colors, he,
Opened up a whole new world to see,
More than making me love him,
Has made me love me

1 comment:

Nitin said...

a mosaic of colors it is....i.e life is :)

nicely written....