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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy is the buzz word!

Consider the following conversations:

Me : Hi How are you doing?
Mrs. X : Good. Busy.
Miss Y : Hey Evglere(name changed!!), how are you doing?
Me : I am doing good thank you. How are you doing?
Miss. Y : Busy.. as usual!
Start of conversation
Me : Hello Mr.Z! How are you doing?
Mr. Z : Busy Busy.

Sigh! How difficult would it be when busy is all you are, even for answering a perfectly professional question from a perfectly professional peer? Especially when you are talking to the perfectly professional peer for the very first time?
Now I really thought that even If you are busy, when a typical "how are you?" question is asked, typical answers include "I am doing great!" or "have been better!". Guess typical passed me by long time ago!
Time to become atypical now i guess.

I have to go now.. busy day ahead! Bye!

1 comment:

Nitin said...

yes...i too have often though over this fact. irrespective of the relations, family or friends...thats how the situation is in today's date... people tend to be busy or show that they r busy :)

but if there is a will there is a way ....