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Monday, August 25, 2008

Poems and I

One fine day I woke up and discovered that I have a flair for writing, and then started this lovely journey in the world of poetry!
And nothing could be further from truth! Not very observant by nature, and not a great admirer of beauty, poetry usually flows over my head like a gentle undisturbing breeze. But then the miracle happened.
The miracle of Nora Roberts.
She is amazing. Her witty plots, humor, romantic descriptions and the occasional strong doses of magic has made me one of her biggest fans.
But how did she inspire me to write poems?! The answer would be found in her 'The three sisters island" trilogy. I made my sister read it and as expected, she fell in love with the plot. So following the story line, I made her Mia Devlin ( as my sis is Aries - Fire sign) and myself Ripley ( I am Gemini - Air Sign) - and wrote a four line spell - similar to how it is in the book.
It was juvenile, but fun! That tickled off my urge to write rhyming verses and finally to poems.

I am attaching some random initial impromptu verses here, which by no means are great woks of art, but are remembered fondly for the purpose they served.

(Written on seeing Nitin online after a very long time in Y! messenger - one of my earliest ones)
My dear dear fellow,
seeing your icon yellow,
turns my heart mellow!

For not calling...
(When i couldn't call up Ashwin after saying I would due to a sudden, unexpected and unwanted work.. this was written when I was in my previous job )

I owe you a big apology,
But have been involved in a minor tragedy,

For I have been given work I barely understand,
Wonder how much more of this I can withstand,

I will call you later,
When I am more saner,

I will go now have some coffee,
Once again, I really am very sorry!

(This was written to bala, who was then studying in final year(tucha are people studying in final year in his college lingo) and was not in the best of moods. Since I wasn't either, i wrote this. God! How unhappy was I then?!!

Ye enjoyer of tuchadom,
Enjoy your last year of freedom,

After this you will enter the read bad world,
Where small things will boil your blood,

I am in the same predicament now,
Got to escape this, but how?!

As the people around us are bad,
Which almost always end up making us sad!

But I hope u have a better luck,
At facing others, in which I obviously suck.


(Unnamed.. written a few days back for Ashwin when he told me he is going to continue with his new piece, 'The General')

honey sweety becomes naughty at times,
likes to write, but appreciates rhymes,
wants to be rushdie, but does not ape his style,
he's sure to leave mediocrity back by a long mile!

:) All Smiles remembering old times!


AnUpaMa said...

Loved the "For not calling" poem! Impressive.
I've never been much interested in poems except for Khalil Gibran's The Prophet and Sadhguru's, but it looks like because of you, I may start start appreciating them!

Antbrain said...

Brilliant!!!! :) :) :)

Evglere said...

Thanks!! And Anu, Yeiyee that you will start reading because of me!! :)

Nitin said...

nice work...
yes... long gone were those times :)... times have changed.
but still on chat... instead of the yellow messenger icon, now its a green or red icon gtalk. :)