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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jaago Re!

I have had my share of "Election-ke-time-agar-aap-vote-nahi-kar-rahe-hain-to-aap-so-rahe-hain" moments. ( If you didn't get that, you need to watch the Jaago Re advertisements by Tata tea.) Of all of them, there is one memory which for me, is the funniest.
After going to Mysore for Infosys training in 2005 September, 5 of us decided to go to the famous Brindavan Gardens one weekend. The first sight of the garden was a shock - Surely it wasn't this dirty a couple of years back! There were papers, plastic covers, and other debris everywhere! Unkempt grass, dirty water, and loud people were already making it a regrettable trip when-
A 25-30 year old lady, seemingly nonchalantly, dropped an empty aquafina bottle. You may think that she threw it in a dustbin, or maybe even, at a place where there were lot of aquafina bottles. But nay, she dropped it right in the middle of a grass-less, but fountain-ed place in the garden!
To say that I was more than ready to show her the very sharp edge of my tongue would be an understatement. So, I controlled myself, ran up to her, picked up the bottle, and said, with my 32-teeth-obvious-artificial-smile, "Excuse me, you dropped the bottle." and thrust the offensive piece of plastic back into her hand.
Ah, the joy of seeing pure shock and later, embarrassment on someone's face! **Sigh**


antbrain said...

Don't know why the memory of a boy looking for a corner to throw a used chocolate wrapper, saw his loved one give him a long stare and warned him to find a dustbin nearby comes to my mind :)

Archana said...

I don't think the boy searched for a dustbin though, did he?!

Kunal said...

This was nice... i am sure many of us have had an opportunity to do this to miscreants but we dont take it up... Well Done!!!!

Archana said...

:) Thanks Kunal!

Anonymous said...

hmmm .... i saw 2 guys (indian grads from good colleges) laughing away to glory. Apparently one of them did 'aa-thoo' and spat on the ground in a parking lot at a new jersey mall!

Archana said...

sheesh!I am wondering whether its more amusing than it is pitiable!

Nitin said...

Dhakka Laga Bhukka
Khayega Re Mukka
Ban Ja Re Ban Ja Mashal-E-Raah
O Yuva Yuva... O Yuva

Hum Albely Bade Manchaley
Dhum Jo Lagi To Chale Hum Chale
Chahee Phir Kaee
Yuhi Kisi Duniya Ki Kaamo Mein
Haath Milaye Na
Sang Chale Na.....

:) and now we have an activist!!!

Archana said...

activist?! Wouldn't know about that! But I am very vocal but disagreeable things.