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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


From the glass bowl of souls,
God took one string of being,
and sewed the heart pieces into one.
New life created, illuminated it with a soft glow.

The heart, energetic and awake,
felt vulnerable and exposed,
and requested God for a cover,
fearing harshness it could not take.

So He created a maze,
for the heart to hide in,
leaving only an eye-window open,
allowing it, at times, to gaze.

The eye-piece watery and bright,
from showing love,hate, anger and pain
requested God for two shoulders
to share some of its plight.

So He created shoulders broad,
for the eyes to rest once in a while.
It helped display pride and strength,
and in times of need, to gently prod.

The shoulders, despite their might
were tired of the task bestowed on them,
and requested God for two hands,
to share some of their plight.

So He created hands two,
to hug and comfort a friend.
With polite and friendly shakes,
they shared the shoulders' load too.

The hands, weary of the shakes
with every soul-maze they met,
requested God for a thick skin,
to reduce the connections they made.

He finally created a thick skin,
with a sharp tongue to go along with it,
sealing his delicate maze in this secure cage,
leaving no trace of the soul to be seen.

The multi-layered man faced the world,
confident and brisk,
while the soul lost in its maze,
tries to get its voice heard.

The process of discovering new and unexpected layers in a person motivates me to keep finding out more about them. Just when I think I have figured someone out completely, Bham! They surprise me with something new.
Layers in short, is the way I perceive my friends and acquaintances.


Anonymous said...

And we often tend to see unexpected layers.
Well thought & composed

antbrain said...

Amazing! I loved the flow of it! Kudos wife, great job!!

Anonymous said...

Good that you already wrote the poem - enna nee, shrek chinna pasanaga dialogue thaan adichaan. nee romba azhaga originallaa kalakittay. what a thoughtful post? rombavey engiyo poyitta baa neeyee! :-)
yaar andha paiyyan? engagement aana vudaney publicaa unna voiffunnu koopadaraan? yerimbu moolai?

Archana said...

Thanks! Unexpected layers makes friendships interesting!

Thanks da chellam! As i said, I am surprised you liked it so much! Yeiyee!

Hee hee! Nandri! Semma coincidence ana in terms of our related posts!
as we enter THE year in which I will be getting married, my yerambu moolai takes the liberty of calling me anything from "de" to "wife"! :D

Arya said...


Your poem reminded me of one of Hari's very early poems called "In My Life's Kitchen"



Nitin said...

I likey :)

Life blossoms, every minute

And Two, led to a billion
A story inscribed on a medallion

Past is a mere reflection
Future is a speculation

Oh!Creator of THE mystery
A new year for thee
A new year for me

Keep em coming!! :) Cheers....

waazzzuuuppp said...

great stuff,

agree totally with the idea. Layers are like the clothes we wear, one for every mood & occasion

Archana said...

Wah kya baat hai! Happy New Year to you too!

Arya Akka,
I remember reading that poem!

Ahh finally!! You agree with mee!

Anonymous said...

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