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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My God must be crazy!

Thats because, He devised an ingenious way of keeping me ramrod straight on my chair while working. My God uses an invisible straw which rests on the table edge with the other tip ending at my forehead, forming the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle.
But the unthinkable happened today morning. I leaned too much over the straw, and it broke. I immediately folded my hands, had a sip of coffee, and prayed,"Please keep me upright. I have work to do". He listened and reluctantly replaced the straw.
After two hours and breaking nine more, I ask The Lord again, " Please Sir, I have a call at 12.30. Once more, and I will never ask for anything from you today."
He looks at me with disgust, " My dear, that was the last straw"
I stare at him, shocked, and against my own will, my forehead drops on the table.


Scorpion said...

Probably its HIS way of telling GET REST

antbrain said...

LOL!! Great post! Totally agree with Scorpion dude.. but even after breaking eight, you didn't opt for a steel rod instead of the straw? ;)

Anupama said...

Archana... This is an award winning post! The two fold meaning for the last straw is the best. hahaha!

EssKay said...

Long time since I read such a amazing post so short but so stylish. Kudos, Affanita!! :)

Archana said...

Thanks!!! I dont think thats what GOD is trying to tell me.. I have been sleeping with my eyes open for the past two days!I'm going to sleep throught the trek this weekend I am sure!

Archana said...

Antbrain - If only he listens to me ... I get a spare straw after a lot of pleading, so negotiation was out of question!

Anu - Yeiyeeeee! Thanks - its a by-product of a sleepy morning, and a bad call of course!

Archana said...

EssKay - Aha! Good to hear from you. Thanks! :)

catce said...

one of the best posts i read! kalakkals archana ... engiyo poyitta!
read 'death by powerpoint' by krish ashok - thats a gr8 post on similar topic.
last straw was amazing thought.

Anonymous said...

i came back to read this post again :-)

Arya said...

Archie - Take it easy. Don't let "Work" rule your Life. - Arya

Archana said...

Thank you! I am yet to read the one recommended by you.. will google for it soon!

Arya Akka,
Wow, good to see your comment! Work never rules my life! Change in weather caused some health problems making me take highly sleep inducing drugs, hence this post!