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Monday, December 8, 2008

The sound, and sight of music

There are different sounds people like, like Bryan Adams, birds chirping, violin or even a baby's full-hearted laugh. This post is about one sound which mesmerises me - the sound of a water fall.
I have been to 5-6 waterfalls in my life, but visits to two, being treks, were unforgettable. Imagine walking through flora, fauna, stones,insects etc just for the sight of a famed waterfall and wondering how long you can maintain your balance (and dignity) climbing slippery rocks. To suddenly hear the rush and sheer power of water falling is pure music for ones' ears!! I don't know how to describe it, but I can still feel the rush I had at that precise moment when I knew for sure that that's what I was hearing. Finally, what can beat the climax of the moment, the source of the music, the first glimpse of the fall?!
By the way, the two falls I have been talking about are Abbey Falls, and one near Talakona falls. Adjectives like "Wow", "Amazing", "Spellbound" fall short of describing them, so attaching a couple of pictures!

The one near Talakona Falls

Abbey Falls


Anonymous said...

Very True :)
Esp. : When you say 'wondering how long you can maintain your balance (and dignity) climbing slippery rocks' these lines

Archana said...

Haha!! Ya, Thanks!

Nitin said...

isnt abey falls in karnataka...?
no doubt its a camera maniac's delight!!!

Archana said...

Ya it is!
I am sure you would have loved these places.. being a water lover, and a photo lover! ;)