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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blogathon Post 1 - New Year's Eve

2013 had been, in general, good for me. Granted, I can’t think of a single significant event in the year that would change the course of my life in the foreseeable future (The Child was already born, The Husband was as loving as ever, no job changes and no filing for bankruptcy). But more importantly, I can’t think of a single untoward event that made us unhappy. That’s something that few people can boast about and we had to celebrate that. 

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So, Ahaan and I got one of those Pillsbury ReadyMade Cakes (Yes, we are THAT lazy!) . We came home, had our milk and coffee, and got to work. He sat on the Kitchen Counter, opened the packet and poured it in the container. He broke the eggs while I mixed the batter. He licked it periodically to ensure that the taste was up to the mark, buttered the baking pan, and we kept it in the oven. 30 minutes later, the fruit of our labour was enthusiastically admired, while we excitedly waited for the Man of the House to come back from office and cut the cake with us.  The cake was universally declared to be "Yummy Yummy" and we went off to sleep. 

About 70% of my essence is restlessness. I have to always.do.something.super-exciting, and keep making plans and counter-plans. I am so glad that the restless me took a backseat this year-end. A simple baking time on new year’s eve, pancakes on new year and some quality time catching up with friends made me realise that I couldn't have celebrated this in a better way. 
That sounds incredibly boring, but I have a feeling that of all my new year celebrations, I am going to remember 2014's for a very long time.


Anonymous said...

Even the ready made mix requires some amount of work. Good job :-) Happy new year.

antbrain said...

YAY!! and so it begins..!! very much looking forward to the upcoming days da :) :)

Antara said...

I've not baked in months.That makes for one more resolution.

Archana said...

MomSince27: Thanks a lot, and a very happy new year to you as well!
Antbrain: Thanks! :)
Antara: Do you like baking? I love it, but am so bad at it! Hope you had a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Who said it's boring ? The schedule you mentioned sounds like my ideal way to welcome a new year :)

We used to bake a lot , till we got hit by my cholestrol number and had to put an end to it :( , sob sob

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful start :)

Archana said...

Anon: There are some awesome healthy cake recipes using only Rawa, ghee and curd - it is very very tasty - ping if you are interested!

Weourlife: Thanks!!You seem to have had an interesting start as well :):)