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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blogathon Post 7: You know you are a south-Indian when you:

  1. Can survive on home-brewed coffee dicoction for days on end.
  2. Skip a heartbeat or two on hearing "Kurai Ondrum Illai".
  3. Had a crush on Aravind Swamy.
  4. Are possessive about SPB, AR Rahman, Asin and Siddharth. 
  5. Get used to:
    1. explaining our different name spellings - "Yes, there is an 'h' in there. No, we don't have an 'h' in everything".
    2. retorting on - "You don't look like a South Indian".
    3. busting the myth of "I thought South Indians had curd rice everyday."
  6. End up having Pongal, Idli and Dosa for breakfast every other day, whether you like it or not.
  7. Enjoy educating, and giving the recipe of dosai molagai podi.
  8. Have at least 10 relatives in IT and/or settled abroad.
  9. Believe that South Indian Marriage food/Kalyana Sapadu is beyond comparison to that of any other region/community. 
  10. Think that if it is a saree, it should be kancheepuram silk.


R's Mom said...

Darn! I dont fall in the category then *goes off to improve her South Indian skills*

Kunal Chandra said...

And here is the North Indian list:

1)Still wonder if Kochi is in Kerala or Tamil Nadu
2)Claim having grown up on Amitabh Bachchan movies
3) Have a misplaced notion that Gujjus and south indians are not as courageous as them
4) Claim to like Dosa but actually a very north indian version of it
5) Go to chennai and complain - Yahan to sab chaaval khaate hain roti nahi milti
6)Consider shaam ko garden main baith ke chai peena and pakode khaana as the best pass time.
7) Express an uninhibited opinion on politics or on any other topic at the paan corner without any knowledge of the subject.
8) Explain a failed career with "Bhaiya humne socha ghar se itni door kahan jaayenge. Hamara yahin mann lagta hai".

Anupama S said...

Asin? Gahhh

Aravind Swamy! TOTALLY...

Definitely the food is divine...

Anonymous said...

one of my north Indian (whoever doesn't belong to south India are north Indians, right?) friends told that their friends teased them saying they are going to lick their hands upto arms when they eat food as they planned to settle in south India.
What I wanted to tell: yes, like you spit paan all over except your house but managed to give a stare.

vidhya sumesh said...

Simply south and south indians rock :) I just love reading ur blogs :)

Archana said...

R's Mom - I am 200% sure that someone would have told you that you don't look like a south Indian at all. I think I did as well!! :D:D

Kunal: This is awesome! Except last point, agree on all!!!

Anupama: Hehe! I recently had kalayana Saapadu in Mumbai - goodness the pumpkin Halva is to die for!

Momsince27: Ewww! There are these offenders as well. But most of them are generally ignorant I guess.

Vidhya: Yeiyee! So happy to know that you follow my blog as well.

Kunal Chandra said...

LAst one is as true as it gets.. You have not met the ones who have stayed back naturally.

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Maya said...

Your palm meets your face when some one confuses a veshti for a lungi and makes atrocious lyrics as tribute for a Super-Star! :)

Gayathri Manikandan said...

YES on the kalyana saapadu.. Actually, there is a simpler definition for South Indian. Everything but what is portrayed in Bollywood.

Gayathri Manikandan said...

Yes, opposite of south is north. Yay! We are awesome :-)

Archana said...

Maya: ROFL! Lungi dance is catchy though!

Gayathri: :D

Anonymous said...

Erm... I think you mean Tamilan , when you wrote South Indian?? There are other South Indians who dont make Pongal and who dont understand what "Kurai Ondrum Illai" means :)