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Monday, January 6, 2014

Blogathon Post 4: The Train Retorts

We get to hear the weirdest things in train, and better yet, say the most shocking things before we can stop ourselves. Here are some common phrases said and heard:
  • Bachon ke saath chadte kyun ho? (Why do you board train with kids?)
  • Bewakoof ho kya? (Are you dumb?)
  • Itna chipakne mei kya mazaa aata hai? (What pleasure do you get out of gluing yourself to me?)
  • Sab jaanwar banein to jarrori nahi na ki hum bhi ban jaayein.(If others are behaving like animals, doesn't mean that we behave like one.)
  • Baal aage le loh, meri naak mei jaa raha hai. (Keep your hair in front - it's getting in my nose.)
  • Arre, upar to pakad lo - mei armrest thodi na hun? (I am not your armrest - hold the links above.)
  • Itne aaram se baithe ho, chai laaon kya?? (Sitting so comfortably, shall I bring tea for you??)
  • Haath Neeche! (Hands down!)
  • Joote utar ke paav seat pe rakho Aunty! (Keep your leg on the seat after removing slippers Aunty.)
  • Hato ek minute, khidki se kachara phek deti hun. (Move - I have to throw the garbage out of the window.)
  • Thoda sarak ke baithon na. (Sit tight no?)
  • Mera teen saal ka beta hai - aap to usse bhi jyada ziddi ho. (You are more stubborn than my three year old son)
  • A: Meherbani karo - hame jane do. B: Hum kya picchar (movie) dekhne aaye hai?? (A: I request you to let me go. B: Do you think we are here to see movies??)
In case you were wondering, the ones in green were uttered by yours truly. 

PS: The lack of posts over the weekend shall be compensated. Somehow. I hope! :D


R's Mom said...

hahahaha! you have become a typical Mumbaikar no?

antbrain said...

lulz!! in time some more proper gaali's should be added to this fine repertoire ;)

Anonymous said...


antbrain said...
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Impulse said...

LOL! Archana that was an amazing collection, particularly liked the "Itne aaram se baithe ho, chai laaon kya??" and the "ziddi baccha" ones.. Mumbai train rides are truely entertainment galore!