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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blogathon Post 9: Dreaming a reality

I have a lot of dreams. There is the dream to overcome road-fear and re-learn driving. The dream to finally be a better swimmer. The dream to do some DIY decorations at home. The dream to make that Agra, Amritsar, Kanha, Sundarbans and Tadoba trip which have already been planned to some extent. The dream to quit this and do what I want to do (yes I know, and it is not impressive to many, except me). I know very few people who act on making theirs a reality. They get bogged down by the lack of time, energy, concentration, and also, money. I am one of those who has an excuse for every unrealised dream. 

Which is why, it is immensely heartening to see my mentor (and relative), Ranga, taking his dreams by its horns. He just thought a bit differently: He thought of the ultimate goal of the dream and started from there. For example, few years back, I remember him wondering how it would feel to see his books in crossword or landmark. Few months back, He was determined to help the painters who paint on the street for few coins. Stringing the two together, he has come up with an innovative idea. You can check it out here:
It would be great, if you can contribute, if not monetarily, through your words and a virtual pat on the back! :)

If you have similar stories to share, I would love to hear them!

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Kunal Chandra said...

The proverbial first step remains the key...