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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blogathon Post 2 - The real story

Once upon a time, in a small village in Tamil Nadu, a boy named Rama Chandra Hari Shiva got friendly with an ape and named him Rachahashi. Rachahashi was  very sweet and friendly, and Rama quickly formed a strong bond with him.
Source: Telegraph

He was also very lithe and agile, and like all the members of his species, enjoyed climbing and jumping from one tree to another. Rama tried to warn him about the dangers of his monkeying around, but to no avail. 
The inevitable happened when the cap-seller came to the town, and decided to sleep under the tree where Rachahashi was playing with other monkeys. After the cap-seller executed his master plan, all the monkeys threw their caps. Unlike them however, the ape, in his excitement, immediately jumped to catch his cap, and fell face down with a huge Thud. 

Rama, crying uncontrollably, took him to the nearest vet. The nurse was patient until she saw that the pet was an ape and Rama was holding a tooth larger than an average human’s. 
“Ok, What’s that?” She asked, angrily. 
“That’s the tooth he broke.” Rama spluttered. 
“GET OUT OF HERE. Don’t you realise what you have done?” 
“But this is my turn…” 

Rama was then aware of a commotion inside the doctor’s room. The door banged open. The nurse looked nervous and told the gaunt figure standing there, “But Doctor, he didn’t know...” She stopped as she caught a sight of him. 
The doctor was pale as a ghost as he stared at the nurse, Rama, Rachahashi and the tooth. He then gave a thin screech and ran out of his clinic, into his car and drove off at breakneck speed. 
“What the hell was that?” Rama asked. 
The Nurses tut-tuted, opened a tube of fevicol, and generously applied inside the ape's mouth. 
“Don’t you know the famous adage?” She asked. 
“Which one?” 
“That an Ape-Pallu* a day keeps the doctor away?" She asked, as she stuck the tooth back in. 
Rachahashi gave a gummy smile, while Rama pondered at his life of fruity misconceptions.

*Pallu means tooth in Tamil.


Anonymous said...

Grrr....why this kolaveri at the start of the new year !!! :D ...am still smiling though :)

antbrain said...

haha! finding routes back to your quirky ways early this year too I see :-) 2 down, more to come!

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