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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blogathon Post 13: Clients say the darndest things

I love my job - not only because it is intellectually satisfying and lets me practice my introvert-ism, but also, because it provides some really good laughs.
Following are some of the utterance by clients:
"This discussion guide is so good and thorough, that I am sure that you have not done it by yourself."
"You are very pursuasive, aren't you?"
"I felt like you were telling me a story, until you interrupted it with a question".
"Oh you are from India. You guys have a great cricket team."
"Do you have openings in your office?"
"Its Doctor, not Mister."
"You are an Indian? But you speak English so well".

I kid you not - I have not even rephrased any of the above.


Kunal Chandra said...

Doctor not Mister is probably from German client?
You are an Indian but speak English well is also from Western European non-British country I suspect
This discussion guide one is from Indian I guess
Do you have openings in your office is also Indian
You are very pursuasive could be Indian or Dutch
Cricket team one I struggle but likely from a nation with lesser or no cricket team at all.

R's Mom said...

hahahahaha! I think its happened to me as well...these are you Indian stuff :)

Archana said...

Kunal - Uncanny!
Doctor not Mister: Yes! Mercedes.
Discussion Guide: Yes!
Openings in office : Yes!
Pursuasive: South African.
Cricket Team: Shocking, but it was from SA as well - they were losing in one of their home series with India, which may have prompted this!!!

R's Mom: You too!? Tell tell!