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Friday, January 17, 2014

Blogathon Post 14: The Questionable dilemma

 R's Mom had done a series of posts on answers to some "whys" here and here. My son , unlike other kids, does not ask 'Why'. He asks "Where". All the freaking time.
Take this for example:
"So, The Cindrella goes to the birthday party...""Where?""to the birthday party.""Where?""At the prince's house.""Where?""In a castle in Chennai."
 You get the gist right?
So, keeping the essence of RM's posts, answer the following "Where"s to the best of your abilities (no obvious answers please!):

1. "Let's put on socks now". "Where?"
2. "Let's go and fly kites.". "Where"
3. "You know what time it is?". "Where?"
4. "Did you see the moon?" "where?"
5. "So the first pig built his house with straw..." "Where?"
6. "And then Bambi grew up..." "Where?"
Looking forward to the answers already!


R's Mom said...

hahaha! okay, will give you answers tomorrow ;)

Nithya Sriram said...

ha ha ha.. i can totally totally relate to it. Ashvath exactly does the same thing, he asks where each and every person goes ?indha uncle enga pora, aunty enga pora..